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Twenty 20 Rules 2018

 Clubs split into two groups one group of seven another group of six.Clubs will play teams in their groups once. The top four in each group to go into the quarter finals. The top two in each group to receive a home draw in the quarter final.

 The Form of the competition

As in other cup competitions. Gate money and efforts in the semi-finals and finals should be shared.

All clubs taking part may enter one team.

All players must be registered by the club GreenThumb Ribblesdale Cricket League in the current season and must have played in any other Saturday League in the current season

 The club’s professional is eligible to play and subject to League Rules a substitute professional may be used.

Group positions will be decided on 1) Points 2) Run rate, Total number of runs scored divided by overs faced. Overs faced defined as per League Rules.

 GROUP 1 – Barnoldwick, Brinscall, Cherry Tree, Earby, Euxton, Feniscowles, Salesbury.

 Group 2 -   Baxenden, Padiham, Read, Ribblesdale Wanderers, Settle, Whalley

 Salesbury’s home games to be played on Thursdays.


Top 4 teams from each group will qualify for the Quarter Finals , Both the group winners and the Runners up will be at home.

Quarter Finals to be played on Friday 6th July (with reserve date Friday 13th July)

 Match 1 – Group 1 winner v Group 2 – 4th Place

Match 2 – Group 2 winner v Group 1 – 4th Place

Match 3 – Group 1 runner up v Group 2 – 3rd Place

Match 4 – Group 2 runner up v Group 1 – 3rd Place

 The 2018 Finals Day will be played on

Venue to be drawn from the 4 teams in the semi finals.


Fixtures Cannot be rearranged.

Two points for a win and one point for a No Result.

In a tied game the winner will be:

a)       The team losing least wickets

b)      If the number of wickets lost is equal then the highest number of runs scored in the

Last 10 overs (then last 5 overs, then last over).

Fixtures to be played on the agreed date and, apart from the Finals day will start at 6:15pm and, except for the over in progress, each innings will be completed in 75 mins.

 Any team not bowling their overs in the allotted time will incur a 10 run penalty for each FULL over not completed.

 Any team failing to fulfil a fixture shall be excluded from the following year’s competition.


League umpires will be appointed and each team will be responsible for paying one Umpire.

Number of Overs 

Matches shall normally be of 20 overs per side.

By agreement teams may play a reduced number of overs.

If the start is delayed or time lost due to weather, ground conditions or injury to any player or match official in the first innings, one over is deducted from each side for every 7 1/2 minutes lost.

In the second innings in the above circumstances 1 over is deducted for each 3 ¼ minutes lost.

The minimum number of overs per side to constitute a result is 10 overs, unless a result as already been achieved.

The target score to be recalculated as per league rules, subject to the minimum overs rule. 

Fielding circle and number of fielders on leg side  

There will be a 25yard fielding circle, with four players plus the bowler and wicket keeper within the circle at the instant of delivery and no more than 5 fielders on the leg side at any one time, otherwise a no ball will be called. 

Power Play

The first SIX overs of each innings for the batting side will be a power play. TWO fielders maximum outside the 25yard circle during this period and no more than 5 fielders on the leg side at any one time at the instant of delivery, or a no ball will be called. (subject to pro-rata in reduced overs/innings). 


Teams will bat their own balls which will be in accordance with Rule 10 (24a) of the League rules. 

Bowlers Overs

Each bowler is restricted to a maximum of 4 overs.

In a shortened game, bowlers are allowed one-fifth of the total, with the remainder shared e.g. 17 overs 3,3,3,4,4. 

No Balls and Wides

Any ball that passes the outside of the batsmen’s pads on the legside and the outside of the leg

Stump shall be called wide.

Any ball passing batsman over shoulder high will be a no ball.

All No Balls and Wides to count as TWO runs.

All No Balls will result in a FREE HIT, no changes in the fielding positions allowed other than if the batsmen have changed ends. Fielders within the fielding circle allowed to move to the edge of that circle. 


Teams will be allowed to wear coloured clothing provided each member of the team wears the same kit. In no circumstances will players be allowed to play in shorts. Batsmen and wicket keepers to wear white pads only. 

Fixtures and results information 

Refer to League Rule 12.

Fixtures will be posted on the Play Cricket website, and scoresheets must be completed.

Prior to the matches, each club enters its team and it is the HOME teams responsibility to enter the score sheet.

Visiting team must check score sheet to ensure correct entry. 

The League Executive will be allowed to alter the 20/20 rules to accommodate the number of entries.