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Posted by Callum Clarke on 06/02/2017 21:12


(1) The “over” in all Ribblesdale League matches shall be six balls.

(2) Time of arrival

Umpires must be on the ground at least 45 minutes before play is due to commence.

(3) Rolling

The roller shall be taken away 5 minutes before play is due to commence. Except for a rolling of 7 minutes between innings at the request of the Captain of the

team which has still to bat, no further rolling shall occur save on the discretion of the Captains or should they disagree at the discretion of the Umpires.

(4) Lost Time

”Lost Time”will not be added at the end of a game but it should be notified to the Scorers who should then record it in the scorebook. Before signing the Match

Report,Umpires must ensure that all “Lost Time”has been recorded together with an explanation.

(5) Discipline – Code of Conduct

Refer to instructions under Rules 8 & 9.

(6) Fitness of Ground and Light for Play

The question of the fitness of the ground and the light for play shall, at the outset of the match, be settled by the Captains. Should they disagree, the

Umpires’ decision shall be final. Once a match has been started the Umpires shall be in complete control, deciding all questions of the fitness of the ground or light for play. A match can only be abandoned before the normal time for close of play after consultation and with the concurrence of both Captains.

(7) No game shall be called off before the normal starting time for play, except with the concurrence of both Captains and both Umpires in attendance at the ground, when the game may be called off not more than thirty minutes before the normal starting time for play.

(7a) If weather intervenes before a game is due to be played and in the home captains view play will be impossible, then the following should take place

1. The opposition captain is informed and given the option to meet at the ground with one of the umpires or a designated league umpire who lives near to discuss and decide or

2. Is sent a photograph via a mobile/pc and the designated umpire meets the home captain to verify That in both their opinions PLAY IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE DAY.

The opposition captain has the right to agree/override this decision viewpoint and with his team travel to the ground for the said start of play. The normal process on state of play, starting the match, continuing the game would then take its course via firstly captains and then umpires.

 (8) N/A Rule Omitted

 (9) Boundaries

Six hits are obligatory on all League grounds both Senior and Junior, for a ball hit and clearing the boundary line before its first bounce (normal M.CC rules

to apply).

(10) Markers shall be used in addition to white lines where boundary lines cannot be clearly seen from the pitch.

(11) If in the opinion of the Umpire the boundaries of any ground are not clearly marked, he shall send details to the League Secretary so that the League

Management Committee may consider the question and, if necessary take up the matter with the Club concerned.

(12) Sightscreens

Where sightscreens are inside the boundary marking (i.e. wholly or partly within the field of play) all Clubs shall provide a white board to be placed across the

front of the sightscreen wheels. This will signify the boundary line and any ball pitching behind this line and within the extremities of the sightscreen will count

six runs.

(13) Obstructions On or Over the Field of Play

Umpires and Players are requested to note the following “Local Rules” regarding obstructions on certain grounds.

(14) N/A Rule Omitted

 (15) Whalley, any ball striking any part of the tree situated within the boundary line shall count as FOUR runs.

(16) Use of Covers (where available)

As the League has supplied pitch covers for all grounds, the following shall apply:

(a) Where necessary, due to weather conditions, the Home Club shall ensure that the pitch is completely covered on match days prior to the scheduled

starting time for play.

(b) If play is interrupted by rain, the Home Club shall be responsible for the immediate complete covering of the pitch.

(17) Rain

In the case of interruption from rain, as soon as the rain has ceased the Umpires shall immediately without further instruction, inspect the pitch, unaccompanied

by any of the players, and decide upon its fitness. Should it prove unfit, they shall continue to inspect, at intervals, until they decide that it is fit for play, when

they shall call upon the players to resume the game. No match shall be started, or restarted after an interval or interruption, whilst rain is falling.

N.B. – M.CC Law 17 (5) “If during the last over the Players have occasion to leave the field the Umpires shall call ‘time’and there shall be no resumption of play and the match shall be at an end.”

(18) The Ground is Unfit for Play:When water stands on the surface, or when it is sowet or slippery as to deprive the Bowlers of a reasonable foothold, the Fielders, other than the deep fielders, of the power of free movement, or the Batsmen the ability to play their strokes or to run between the wickets.

(19) In deciding whether play should be suspended (due to rain, light or ground conditions) or restarted after an interruption, the Umpires are not to be influenced

by the opinions of either side or the state of the game. Still less are they to be influenced by the impatience of the spectators for the resumption of play.

(20) Mopping up Surface Water from the Pitch

Should surface water be standing on the pitch, its removal during the course of a match shall be allowed but only with the agreement of both Captains.

(21) If both Captains are in agreement and the work can be carried out without damaging the pitch, the Umpires shall supervise removal of the surface water

with blankets, foam pads,Water Hogs, etc. Forking or use of a roller should NOT be allowed.

(22) If either Captain is not in agreement with surface water being removed from the pitch it should be left to drain away naturally.

(23) In all cases Umpires should ensure that no advantage can be gained by either side through damage to the pitch, especially in a situation where the first innings has already been completed.

(24) N/A Rule Omitted

(25) N.B. The “pitch” is the area between bowling creases, 22 yards long and 10 feet wide.The Umpires have sole responsibility for its use and maintenance once the toss has taken place. Before the toss for innings the pitch is the responsibility of the Home Club.

(26) Water on Other Areas

The above refers only to the “pitch”. There is no reason why other methods, e.g. brushing, forking, etc., cannot be used on other parts of the square or outfield to

get rid of water. Brushes should not be used on the pitch, due to the possibility of damage to the surface.

(27) LAW 2017 CODE

M.CC rules apply – Penalty runs are not applicable except as in 41(3).

(28) A copy of “The Preamble – the Spirit of Cricket” should be displayed and duly observed.

(29) Law 5 The Ball should always be observed.

(30) Law 42(6) Dangerous and fast bowling should always be observed.

(31) First Aid boxes must be provided in a fully stocked condition at every ground.

(32) N/A Rule Omitted

 (33) Law 41(3) shall be interpreted in Ribblesdale Cricket League matches as follows:

When playing conditions require sawdust to be used during a game, any helmet placed behind the stumps at the strikers end shall be placed on the Ground

behind the wicketkeeper and in front of the pile of sawdust.