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Posted by Callum Clarke on 06/02/2017 21:10


(1) Condition of Match Balls

Umpires are to examine the match ball and second ball handed to them for use in the match, rejecting any which are not in accordance with Rule 11, Para. (28) or which are considered unsuitable for other reasons.

(2) N/A Rule Omitted

Balls which have been renovated by being lacquered/varnished shall not be used in the League (League Management Committee).

(3) N/A Rule Omitted

(4) In all cases, even if no play is possible, the Match Result Sheet must be completed and signed by both Captains and both Umpires; where necessary explaining the reason for the cancellation of the match.

(5) Umpires should ensure that all Clubs mark the pitch at a distance of 5 ft from the popping crease and on the bowling crease 1 ft either side of the centre stump in accordance with M.CC Law, to assist them in locating the danger area.

(6) N/A Rule Omitted

(7) N/A Rule Omitted

(8) N/A Rule Omitted

(9) Umpires must report to the Secretary of the League any breach of the League rules or of these regulations.

(10) Where the League rules conflict with other rules, the League rules must prevail.

(11) Umpires must maintain an acceptable standard of dress at all times