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Posted by Callum Clarke on 06/02/2017 21:06


(1) Clubs shall be responsible, with the League Management Committee, for the establishment and maintenance of a panel of Umpires. The Umpires shall be notified as to their appointment, and shall report the time of starting matches, duration of interval and the result, also stating, in the event of lost time, how the delay arose.

(2) Each Club shall provide one Umpire, not already a full-time member of the League Panel, when requested to do so by the Umpires’ Secretary. If this request is not adhered too, then the Club will be subject to a fine of £10.All club umpires must be (DBS) (old CRB) checked.

(3) Any failure of Umpires to report for duty shall be reported by the Home Club to the Umpires’ Secretary within 48 hours of the game.

(4) No Umpire who has reached 65 years of age shall be allowed to join the League Panel. Upon reaching that age existing members of the Panel may apply, on a yearly basis, to retain their membership.

(5) Each Club, when requested by the Umpires’ Secretary, shall provide one Official or other responsible person to act as Umpire in a game involving one of that Club’s teams, subject to a fine of £10 for failure to do so. If a club fails to nominate an umpire (when requested), then the panel umpire shall be paid double expenses. All umpires must be (DBS) (old CRB) checked.

(6) Each Club shall provide a safe, secure and uncluttered place, in or adjacent to the pavilion, for Umpires to change and leave their belongings. Such facilities shall be available for inspection prior to the season, where necessary.

(7) Umpires shall be paid such expenses as are, from season to season, agreed by the League Management Committee.

(7a) When a game is cancelled BEFORE the scheduled start time the umpires will be entitled to HALF of the currently agreed expenses. However, if a game is called off AFTER the start time they will be entitled to receive FULL match expenses.

(8) These shall be paid by the Home Club before the end of the tea interval, a return of the expenses to be rendered to the Fixtures Secretary on the Match Report sheet provided.

(9) The Umpires only may order play to cease from any reasonable cause which may arise. Full report of same to be made by them to the League Secretary within three days.