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Posted by Admin on 06/02/2017 20:51


(1) Toss for Innings and Team Nomination

Umpires must accompany the two Captains to the toss. In all League and Cup games, at the toss for innings, each Captain shall nominate his players by handing the Team Nomination Sheet to the opposing Captain and then to the Umpires, together with each team’s match balls. The players thus nominated shall not be changed thereafter without the consent of the opposing


(2) In all League matches play shall commence at 1.30pm (1.00pm in September). A declaration may not be permitted.

(3) The maximum duration of a game shall be 90 six-ball overs.

(3a) In Senior League only – No Bowler may bowl more than 17 overs in a match, and in a full innings, a minimum of 4 bowlers must bowl at least 1 over. This rule to apply to full games, in any rain affected games there is no restriction, except for the 17 overs rule.

In Division 1 and 2 – No Bowler may bowl more than 14 overs in any league game.

There shall be no reduction of overs bowled by each bowler if the total match overs are reduced.

(4) No game shall commence after 4.40pm (or 4.10pm when a 1.00pm start) except where the Captains have agreed and informed the Umpires that an early tea will be taken. Then it shall not commence any later than 4.55pm (or 4.25pm if a 1.00pm start).

(5) Each innings will be a maximum of 45 six ball overs and should be bowled in 2 hours and 50 minutes.If time is lost due to weather, ground conditions or injury/

ill health to any player or official, overs shall be bowled at a rate of 16 per hour (one every 33/4 minutes).

For every FULL over bowled AFTER the time limit 1 point will be deducted from the bowling side’s League points total.

No bonus bowling points will be awarded to a side who bowls the opposition out in any FULL over bowled after the time limit expires. Late overs should be recorded on the scoresheet by the Umpires and a report sent to the League Secretary and League Umpires Secretary.

Umpires should keep both sides informed at regular intervals of how the over rate is progressing.

(6) No match shall be started or restarted after an interval or interruption while rain is still falling.

(7) If a start is delayed by weather, one over per innings will be deducted for every full 71/2 minutes lost time. Once reduced, overs cannot subsequently be

increased. In a game which is interrupted by weather or injury/ ill health to any player or official, one over shall be deducted from each innings for each full 71/2 minutes lost time during the first innings. Again reduced overs cannot be subsequently increased. Time should be accumulated. So, for instance, if play is delayed or interrupted during the first innings for 10 minutes, 2 overs (one per innings) are lost for the full 71/2 minutes. However the remaining 21/2 minutes will be accumulated and added to any subsequent time lost.

See Overs Reckoner below for guidance.


Possible Possible

Minutes Overs Overs Overs for

Lost Lost Left each team

Less than 71/2 Nil 90 45

71/2 or more 2 88 44

15 or more 4 86 43

221/2 or more 6 84 42

30 or more 8 82 41

371/2 or more 10 80 40

45 or more 12 78 39

521/2 or more 14 76 38

60 or more 16 74 37

671/2 or more 18 72 36

75 or more 20 70 35

821/2 or more 22 68 34

90 or more 24 66 33

971/2 or more 26 64 32

105 or more 28 62 31

1121/2 or more 30 60 30

120 or more 32 58 29

1271/2 or more 34 56 28

135 or more 36 54 27

1421/2 or more 38 52 26

150 or more 40 50 25

1571/2 or more 42 48 24

165 or more 44 46 23

1721/2 or more 46 44 22

180 or more 48 42 21

1871/2 or more 50 40 20

(8) Over 1871/2 minutes lost at the commencement of play – “No Result”game. Time lost to weather or ground conditions or injury, the proceding table to be

used for calculation.

(9) Following the completion of the first innings, if the weather or injury or ill health to any player or official interrupts play,the number of overs remaining at the time

when play recommences following the interruption shall be calculated by the following method.

One over shall be bowled for every full 33/4 minutes remaining from the time of recommencement until 7.35pm (7.05pm when a 1.00pm start).

The total overs to be bowled in the second innings must not exceed the number of overs entitled to be bowled in the first innings and once reduced cannot

subsequently be increased.

NB – 7.35pm is not a finishing time and play can continue beyond 7.35pm if necessary, to complete the remaining overs.

(10) No overs shall be deducted for time lost for any reason other than weather or injury or ill health to any player or official.

(11) ”Lost time” will not be added. Any time lost at the commencement of a game, or after an interval or interruption (except for adverse weather or ground

conditions) shall be punishable by a fine on the offending club of £1.00 per minute. All such lost time shall be recorded on the scoresheet and reported to

the League Secretary and League Umpires Secretary. 

(12) Where time is lost either at the start of the match or during the first innings due to weather conditions or injury or ill health to a player or official, half the time

that is lost shall be subtracted from the 2 hours 50 minutes playing time allocated for the first innings.

(13) The total number of runs scored in the first innings shall be agreed by both Captains and the Umpires during the interval and the winning target score

should be displayed on the scoreboard.The winning target score will be one run more than the total number of runs scored in the first innings. Subject to Rule 21.

(14) The number of overs remaining in each innings shall be displayed on the scoreboard with deductions after each over bowled.

(15) Fielding Circle – Now applies to all leagues except Division Three At the instant of delivery, a minimum of 4 fielders plus the bowler and wicket

keeper must be in an area bounded by 2 semi circles fixed on each middle stump, each with a radius of 25 yards and joined together by parallel lines on each side

of the pitch. In the event of infringement the strikers end (square leg) umpire shall call and signal “No Ball”.

N.B. – Metal discs are not permitted.

(16) Points

The team scoring most runs or who successfully achieves or defends a rearranged target will be deemed to have won. Subject to Rule 21.

(17) 10 points will be awarded for a win.

(18) 2 points will be awarded to any side who bowls the opposition out. Subject to Rules 5 and 20.

(19) 7 points shall be awarded to each team where the game results in a tie. The result shall be a tie if the scores are equal at the close of play, regardless of wickets lost Subject to Rule 21. No bowling or batting points will be awarded in the event of a tied game.

(20) 3 points shall be awarded to each team if no result is obtained. In a no result game no bonus points will be awarded to either side.

(21) Rearranged Targets

Delayed or Interrupted games

In a game where the second innings is delayed or interrupted due to weather, ground conditions or injury or ill health to any player or official, 20 full overs

or more must be bowled or time must allow for 20 overs or more to be bowled to constitute a game , unless a result has already been achieved.

If the side batting second elects to chase the 20 over rearranged winning target off less than 20 overs and do not achieve the rearranged winning target and are

not bowled “All Out” then the bowling side will win. If play has to be suspended again after the batting side has elected to chase the 20 over total, then the game

will end with a “No Result”. In this situation there can be no Tie. If the side batting second are bowled all out in the overs available then the team bowling

second will have won and bonus points will be awarded as normal. 

(22) Games ended

If a game is ended during the second innings due to weather ground conditions or injury or ill health to any player or official, 20 full overs or must have been

bowled to constitute a game. Thereafter, any part over will constitute a full over and the rearranged winning target can be calculated retrospectively and bonus

points will be awarded as normal. Re-calculated totals only come into effect when a game recommenced or ends. The tie/target score to be achieved by the batting side will be calculated on the following basis:-

(a) Divide the number of runs scored in the first innings by the number of overs received in order to arrive at the first innings runs per over rate. (For this

purpose any part over will constitute a full over). In the event of a side being dismissed within the total of number of overs that it was entitled to receive

in the time allotted for the first innings, the run rate will be calculated by dividing the runs scored by the total number of overs that the team was

entitled to receive rather than the number of overs actually received. The scoring rate is calculated to two decimal places with rounding off as follows

from 1 to 4 down, from 5 to 9 up.

(b) Calculate 75% of the runs per over rate from (a).

(c) Multiply the reduced run rate by the number of overs lost in the second innings and if not a whole number round up to the next whole number.

(d) Calculate the reduced tie/winning target to be achieved by the team batting second by deducting the figure in (c) from the first innings total. The result

will give you runs required to tie, add one to this total to calculate the winning target.



First Number Take

Innings of Run x Overs from Winning

Total overs rate x 75% = lost = Total = Tie Target

180 45 4 x 75% 3 x 20 = 60 from 180 = 120 121

190 40 4.75 x 75% 3.56 x 11 = 39.16 (40) from 190 = 150 151

200 45 4.44 x 75% 3.33 x 20 = 66.6 (67) from 200 = 133 134

160 41 3.90 x 75% 2.93 x 15 = 43.95 (44) from 160 = 116 117

152 45 3.37 x 75% 2.53 x 20 = 50.67 (51) from 152 = 101 102

If after the commencement of the second innings further time/overs are lost then a new tie/winning target score must be calculated and displayed on the


(e) Any over not completed through injury to a bowler or any other reason shall be completed by another bowler.

(f) The interval between innings shall be 25 minutes. This will be reduced to 10 minutes in any match affected by ground or weather conditions

providing that the two captains have agreed to take an early tea during a stoppage in play during the first innings of the match and so inform the

umpires before taking tea. (No overs shall be deducted during the tea interval). In these circumstances the teams shall not retake the field until

the expiration of the said 10 minutes.

(g) Where a target has been rearranged it shall be indicated on the score sheet in the relevant box provided.


(23) Bonus Points in the Second Innings

Bonus points in the second innings shall be awarded to the losing team as follows: 

Bowling Wickets taken Points awarded

5 - 1

6 - 2

7 - 3

8 - 4

9 - 5


Batting points will be awarded for getting within so many runs of the winning

target –

Within Points awarded

50 - 1

40 - 2

30 - 3

20 - 4

10 - 5

e.g. – If the winning target is 201 then the first bonus batting point will be awarded at 151, second at 161, third at 171, fourth at 181 and fifth at 191.


(24) Cricket Balls

(a) The League shall supply cricket balls which will be deemed the only official balls, in ALL Ribblesdale League competitions. The League Management

Committee to select a suitable ball for each season.

(b) N/A Rule Omitted

(c ) Each side to ball their own ball (which shall be handed to and approved by the umpires prior to the game), and which in the Senior League and

Ramsbottom Cup shall be a new ball. Umpires are to examine the balls handed to them for use, rejecting any that are not in accordance with this

rule or which are considered unsuitable for any reason.

(d) Balls which have been renovated by being lacquered or varnished shall not be used.

(25) Eligibility of players

No player banned or suspended in another League shall be allowed to play in this League whilst that ban or suspension is in place.

(26) Clothing

Cricketers must wear white clothing at all times on the field of play and at post match presentations.Tracksuit tops must not be worn on the field of play during

matches or presentations.

(27) Wickets

It is the responsibility of the home club to ensure that wickets are pitched at least 30 minutes before play is due to commence , or as soon as is practicably possible in exceptional circumstances.

(28) Withdrawl of team from field of play

If , for any reason a team captain withdraws his team from the field of play before the conclusion of the match and against the direction of the umpires, the team

captain responsible will be suspended for FIVE matches and the club will be deducted a MINIMUM of 24 points.

(29) Leg Side Wide

Any ball that passes outside of the batsman’s pads on the legside and outside of the leg stump shall be called and signalled as a wide ball.This rule to apply in the Senior League and Ramsbottom Cup.

(30) If the Captain of any team challenges a League umpire on any point of law or playing condition and then ignores the resultant decision, he will be reported to

the League Management Committee as per the Code of Conduct. In this League the “umpires on the day” are in charge of the game at all times and their decision

will be final.