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Posted by Callum Clarke on 06/02/2017 20:14



(1) Only bona fide members of Ribblesdale League Clubs shall be eligible to play in the League and Cup Competitions. No individual playing regularly in another

recognised weekend cricket league shall be eligible to play in this League without the special permission of the League Management Committee.

(2) No amateur player shall be eligible to take part in league matches unless registered on or before 31st July in each season.

(3) No amateur player shall be allowed to play with any Club in the League if he has already played during the same season in another senior league, i.e. a league with clubs playing professionals, without the special permission of the League Management Committee.

(4) No player may play with two Clubs in this League in any season without special permission of the League Management Committee.

(5) No player shall be nominated for, or play in,more than one match on the same day.

(6) Any player leaving a Club in this League whilst any financial obligations are outstanding shall not be allowed to play with any other Club in the League until

such obligations have been met.

(7) No player who has played regularly for a Club 1st XI shall be selected for the 2nd XI after the second weekend in August, without the special permission of the

League Executive.

(8) No Senior League Club shall have registered with the League any amateur player who has not been continuously resident in the United Kingdom and/or European Union countries for a period of 12 months prior to the start of the season. This Rule shall not apply to expatriates of the United Kingdom. The League Executive shall have the right to allow the registration of any person who does not fulfil the above criteria providing that person is not entering the country primarily to play cricket and is able to prove that he/she is in the country for employment/ educational purposes and not on holiday.

All applications to the League Executive for permission must be in writing giving supporting evidence that the player is in the country primarily for work or education reasons. Additionally permission may not be applied for, nor a Registration Form submitted, until the player has taken up residence in the UK.

This rule should not apply to any player registered with their club as their Overseas Amateur to play in the Senior League in substitution for a professional.

(8a) In Divisions Two and Three teams ARE allowed to use players who play in another league PROVIDING that they have NOT played more than three games

in total for their host club’s Second Eleven in the current season. If the said player has played in their club’s First Eleven they are NOT allowed to play in the

Ribblesdale League.


(9) With the permission of the League Management Committee, a registered player under contract to a County Club shall still be eligible to play for his Club,

providing that he is still uncapped by the County Club and has not fulfilled a professional engagement in any League during the season in question.


(10) Registrations

All applications for registration must be sent to the League Registrations Secretary, in writing, on the special Registration Form, and must be entered on the League website.

All registrations should be forwarded to the League Fixtures Secretary to be received 5 days prior to the player turning out for the club. (Tuesday for Saturday,

Wednesday for Sunday). The Player should not play for his new club until authorisation is given by the League Registrations Secretary.


(11) Transfers

All applications for transfer (under Paras. 3 or 4 above or from another league in membership of the Lancashire Cricket Association or League Cricket Conference)

must be made in writing to the Fixtures Secretary enclosing written clearance from the player’s former Club and a completed Transfer Form.


(12) Violation of Rule

Any Club violating this Rule shall be fined £25 and,at the discretion of the League Management Committee,may have maximum points deducted, or be compelled

to replay the match and to defray all expenses incurred. 

(13) Inducements (Penalties – See Rule 7 Para. 14)

On its being proved to the Management Committee that any inducement whatever has been offered to any amateur to secure his services for a

League Club except as Professional, the offending Club shall be fined for each offence.The player accepting such inducement shall be disqualified for such period as the Committee shall decide. A player offering his services for a consideration to any League Club, except as a professional, shall be immediately disqualified.

(13a) Any club making a payment to a player (irrespective of team) for whatever reason (i.e. as groundsman, club steward etc.) MUST have received permission from the League Management Committee PRIOR to the player taking part in any match under the jurisdiction of the Ribblesdale Cricket League.

Clubs will provide to the League Secretary a copy of any contract of employment or written terms of engagement of the player receiving payment under this rule.

(13b) No amateur player engaged as coach in a paid position will be permitted to play in the 1st XI of that club unless he was a bona fide member of the said club at the time of his engagement.

(14) All clubs must register their Youth League players with the League’s Fixture Secretary along with their Senior Players. Full details showing player’s name,

d.o.b., address and telephone number must be given. Note: This rule must be adhered to before the start of the season.

(15) The League adopts the current ECB Directives for young players up to and including Under 19 age Group.


A Fast Bowling

B Fielding

C Helmets

D Young Players in Adult Cricket

15 (16) In addition to any player registered as an Overseas Amateur or Professional under the provisions of Rule 6, clubs will have the option of registering a further Overseas Player, who would not otherwise meet the 12 months residency rule as described in Rule 5 (8). 

Any such player must however meet the following criteria:-

A - Must be under 24 years of age as of 1st April prior to the start of the season.

B - Must not have played any 1st Class, List A or Professional 20/20 games.

C - Must not receive any financial recompense or subsistence payments from the club or any third party in return for his services.  


Any Clubs registering a player under this rule may not then register a further overseas player under the provisions of rule 5 (8) in the same season.

Should any player registered under this rule become unavailable for any reason they may not be replaced temporarily or permanently with another overseas player under the provisions of this rule. 

Any such player registered under this rule may play in any division of the Ribblesdale League subject to any existing provisions of Section 5 of the League Rules.