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Posted by Callum Clarke on 06/02/2017 20:10


(1) Any Club joining the League shall pay an Entrance Fee of £25.

(2) Subscriptions shall be of such amounts as the League Management Committee shall, from time to time, decide.

(3) The League Management Committee shall have power considered necessary to accept Clubs into membership of the League, subject to ratification by the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting of the League.

(4) Any member Club wishing to approach another League with a view to possible membership of that League, shall first obtain written permission from the League Secretary. Such permission shall not be interpreted as resignation or dismissal and shall be granted within 7 days unless the Club has failed to fulfil its financial obligations to the League or has failed to observe the Rules of membership.

(5) Any member Club intending to resign its membership of the League shall inform the League Secretary, in writing, by 30th June of its final season of membership.

(6) No Club shall be admitted to membership or continuing membership of the Ribblesdale Senior League which does not enter its 1st XI in that League.

(7) Any Club in membership of the Ribblesdale League irrespective of Division, must enter its 1st XI as its premier team, playing in the League.

(8) The TWO clubs finishing in the bottom two positions of the Senior League at the end of the season MUST apply in writing prior to the Annual General Meeting for re-election.


(9) New Applicants

If a new club applies to join the League, consideration will be given by the League Management Committee as to whether they fulfil appropriate criteria for joining the League and in particular the Senior League.

The criteria for admission to the League will be determined from time to time by the League Management Committee of the League but will include the Ground/Playing area, Club facilities – changing rooms, umpires rooms and refreshment facilities and the standard of cricket previously played (this list is not exhaustive).

Subject to fulfilling the above crieteria, a club that would be of appropriate standard to join the Senior Division/Divisions of the League,may be admitted to the Senior League. If there are Two Divisions of the Senior League, then the club entering the League in this way will join the lower division of the Senior League.

In such a case the club’s 2nd XI will join the lower league of the Junior League. If it is felt that a club warrants entry to the League, but that their senior team is not suitable for entry into the Senior League, then it will be open to the League to admit such a club, allowing both the club’s 1st and 2nd XIs to join the Junior Leagues. In that situation, the club’s 1st XI would join the higher division of the Junior League and the club’s 2nd XI to join the lower section of the league.

Relegation and promotion places would be adjusted accordingly to balance up the number of clubs in the leagues if there is a new member/s. Such balancingexercise must be agreed by the League Management Committee following a successful application for entry to the League.