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Posted by Callum Clarke on 06/02/2017 20:01


(1) The League shall be governed by a Management Committee consisting of a President, Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon.Treasurer, Hon. Umpires’ Secretary, Hon. Fixtures Secretary, Hon. Assistant Secretary, League Welfare Officer, Ground Committee Chairman, and ex-officio members, and one representative from all

clubs in the league and also the League umpires and the Ribblesdale Youth League.

(2) The Hon. Officials shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election if they so wish.

(3) The Hon. Auditor and Hon. Solicitor shall be elected annually but shall not be ex-officio members of the League Management Committee.

(4) Any Club being a member of the League Management Committee, and being not represented at three or more meetings in a period of twelve months shall forfeit its vote at the League Management Committee for a period of twelve months. This means that they will be unable to vote at any meeting, both

Management meetings and the A.G.M.

(5) Six Club representatives shall form a quorum.

(6) The Chairman of a meeting shall be entitled to a casting vote if this is required.

(7) The Hon.Officials shall not be allowed to vote.

(8) Unless the Management Committee shall otherwise decide, it shall meet on the first Monday in each month; 2nd Monday in January and May and no meeting in December or February.

(9) The League Management Committee may delegate its powers to a sub-committee.

(10) Emergency Committee. Any three League Officials to form a League Emergency Committee.

(11) The League Selection Committee shall consist of at least two members elected for this purpose following the receipt of nominations.

(12) The League Management Committee shall have the power to nominate to the League A.G.M. the name of any person who by his/her meritorious service, for

and on behalf of the League itself, shall be considered suitable to be granted Honorary Life Membership of the League. Such Honorary Life Members shall be

invited to special League functions and shall be eligible to attend all meetings of the League, but without voting powers.

(13) The League Secretary shall, on the written request of any Club Secretary, stating the business to be transacted, within 21 days, call a meeting of the Committee and in the event of the business being considered by the Committee as trivial or unimportant, the Club so requesting the meeting shall pay the cost of the meeting.

(14) League Officials shall be paid such expenses as are agreed by the League Management Committee, following their submission to the League Treasurer.

(15) Any action taken by a member Club which shall bring the League into disrepute shall be punishable by such fine as the League Management Committee shall


(16) Any contravention of the rules herein contained shall entail such fine as specified in the Rules itself.

(17) Any decision of the League Management Committee may be the subject of an appeal. Any such appeal must be made in writing and submitted to the League Secretary within 7 days of the original decision.

(18) The Secretary will forward details of the appeal to all clubs and the appeal will be heard at the next meeting of the League Management Committee, unless the Secretary believes the matter needs to be determined at an earlier hearing.

(19) If an earlier hearing is needed the Secretary will call such a meeting not less than 7 days after the appeal is lodged. ALL club representatives will be invited to

attend the appeal hearing.

(20) Appeals. In all cases of appeal to the Committee the representatives of neither the appealing Club, nor the ones of those appealed against will be allowed to

vote. The Chairman for the time being of the Committee shall not vote except in the case of an equality of votes when he shall be entitled to exercise a casting vote.

(21) The decision taken at such an appeal will be FINAL and there is no further right of appeal.

(22) The League Executive is empowered to investigate ways of accommodating Clubs whose Leagues may be disbanding, also any Club who may be interested in joining the League.

(23) The Hon. League Treasurer WILL impose a 20% levy on ANY account not paid within TWELVE WEEKS of his issuing the ACCOUNT.